Spine Care

If you’re in pain, you should seek out a spine specialist. These experts can use hands-on care to address aches and resolve problems. Since the spine is essentially a foundation for your entire body, any problems with it could cause issues throughout your body. Looking for a spine specialist who serves Edwardsville, IL, and other communities nearby? Come see Dr. Robert Devine at the Chiropractic Care Center. He has helped countless patients address spine issues and he’s ready to help you and your loved ones.

How Spine Specialists Can Provide Lasting Pain Relief

Let’s say you were working in the yard when you picked up something heavy and strained your back. Or perhaps you were in a car accident and suffered whiplash. What’s the first thing you’re going to do? While the answers may vary from person to person, there’s a good chance that you’ll opt either to rest up or take pain medication (or both).

Rest and painkillers can help. However, if your spine has been knocked out of proper alignment, it may not heal completely on its own. You can suffer pain once you start moving around again or after the pain medications wear off. Some folks next turn to more rest and more powerful painkillers. This could leave you avoiding activities you love as your muscles and skill level atrophy. Or you might become dependent on painkillers and suffer long-term side effects. In both cases, you’ll suffer a worse quality of life.

Chiropractors approach pain treatment without relying on painkillers and other medications. Instead, they use hands-on treatment to relieve muscle strain, adjust the spine, and otherwise ensure that everything is properly aligned and in good working order. By resolving the actual issues that are causing pain, a spine specialist can help you dramatically improve mobility and prevent future problems.

Looking for a spine specialist who serves Edwardsville, IL? Dr. Devine is ready to help. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you get in touch. Whatever challenges you’re facing, you can start the journey to pain relief by visiting the Chiropractic Care Center.

What Problems May Be Related to the Spine?

Your spine acts as a foundation for your entire body. Thus, if your spine is not properly aligned, it can cause strain pretty much anywhere. You might suffer numbness in the legs, for example, because the sciatic nerve, which originates in your lower back, is under pressure. Blockages in the neck, meanwhile, could impede the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, resulting in headaches. Problems with the spine can cause issues practically anywhere.

If you’re in pain, a spine specialist in Edwardsville, IL, may be able to help. Call 618 656 5300 to reach the Chiropractic Care Center and chat with Dr. Devine.

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