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Candida may cause:

 • Chronic Fatigue
 • Weight Gain
 • Allergies
 • Intestinal Cramping
 • Yeast Infections
 • Bladder Infections
 • Loss of Energy
 • Rashes
 • Unexplained Joint Pains
 • Brain Fog
 • Depression
 • Thyroid Dysfunction

Candida is normally a harmless yeast (type of fungus) that lives naturally in everyone’s body. In a healthy body, candida lives with us at tolerable levels. Candida can be found in the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and skin.
In healthy patients, candida is a unicellular, commensal organism- that is- one that benefits from another organism with out damaging it or benefiting it.
In the right environment, this harmless single celled yeast adapts into an invasive form with long root like structures (spikes).
These “spikes” make small holes in the intestinal lining which allows the toxins from the candida to enter the blood stream and become systemic. These holes also allow other toxins in the intestines to enter the blood stream. This is known as LEAKY GUT SYNDROME

Candida overgrowth or toxicity can have several causes, including:

 • Steroid Use
 • Antibiotics (kills normal gut bacteria and allows candida to overgrow)
 • Birth Control Pills
 • Cortisone/prednisone Long Term Use
 • Diabetes or High Blood Sugar
 • Diets High in Refined Sugars

We have ways to treat Candida overgrowth using homeopathic products as well as herbs and nutrition. Treatment can take 2 to 4 months and is effective so you can start feeling better. If you are interested, talk to Dr. Devine or one of the staff and we can set up a consultation for you.

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